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SV Tutor (Gia Su SV) Center (Work & Experience)

SV Tutor (Gia Su SV) Center (Work & Experience)


GS Trí ĐạtBefore I worked with Gia Su SV Center, I have taught in others English Center. However, Gia Su SV has given me the most precious time in working and experience in the way of caring and interacting with their tutors. I first applied for them was two years ago, I met Ms. Phuong at the center to sign up for the contract to work at the center as an English private tutor. After first month of teaching, Ms. Phuong called me to ask me whether there was any issues or difficulties in order to support me. Now, I have worked for two years in teaching and supporting students. The people here are very conscientious and devoted in working with tutors and students. In addition, their purpose is not only supply tutor service for people have demands, it is also about the meaning of helping people to learn and to gain knowledge. A wise man once said “The more you learn, the wiser you become”, while teaching for my students. I found out that I’ve learnt a lot of things for my teaching skills that no one could ever give me, it only happens because of the chance I’ve had with this center.